Why Buy at Hundred Palms Residences

If you are searching for a great condo, don’t let the array of options stop you from purchasing the perfect condo to suit your needs. The hundred palms residences are the trendiest condos in Hougang, and ready for you to buy today.

Why Buy Now?

When you choose a condo at Hundred Palms, you’ll be among the first to get in on the exclusive deal at an exclusive property. The price is right, and there are housing aoptions to cater to all taste. Buying your property now ensures that you don’t miss out on the beautiful condos, but that’s not all. Buying now secures a low price, and that number is subject to increase later down the road.

hundred palms residences

Hundred Palms Feature & Amenities

Hundred Palms condos are feature-filled luxury high rise properties that offer something for every lifestyle. When you purchase a condo at Hundred Palm, you will enjoy all these amenities firsthand. But, what can you expect with this property?

·    Convenient Location: Location matters, and you will love the location of Hundred Palms. You are in the heart of Huogang, where you can enjoy shopping, dining, landmarks, and entertainment within a close proximity of your living quarters

·    These condos are great for residing in, for renting a property, or even for opening our own store or shop

·    Tons of on-site features that make life easy, including a children’s playground area, a BBQ area, a pool, tennis court, and more.

·    Spacious greenery nearby makes for great hikes, walks, bike rides, and much more

·    Affordably priced condos are ideal for all budgets

Life at Hundred Palms is everything that you want it to be, and so much more.  Living at Hundred Palms will provide you a simple lifestyle that doesn’t lack the luxury that you still crave in life.

The Beautiful Condos

Each condo is designed beautifully inside and out. These condos are made to impress you, and the style will certainly put a smile on your face. There’s lots of space inside, with a laundry room available so you can get the housework done without worry.

The Hundred Palm Options

There are condos for sale to suit every lifestyle at Hundred Palm, giving you peace of mind that you can find the perfect condo to call your own. You will find condos offering one, two, and three bedrooms, as well as those with patios and balconies so you have a great outdoor space to relax, unwind, and enjoy life to the fullest. You can choose any of these condos that you want and know that soon, a wonderful life is ahead.

Hundred Palms condos has what you want and need for luxury living at its best. The location is perfect, and the price is right. If you are ready to purchase a condo that will exceed your expectations, it is time to look at Hundred Palms. You won’t be disappointed with these immaculate condos and what they can offer to you!