The Advantage of EPO for Endurance and Strength

If you read among the various bodybuilding blogs and forums, you will read about many performance enhancing substances. Some of them are legal supplements and some are considered illegal because of their use in doping for athletes. It is really no secret that the pros use certain substances to get to that massive state of muscle. It is a matter of whether they can skirt the tests or not and get substances like EPO (Erythropoietin) and high doses of testosterone out of their systems in time for the test. Obviously, many top pros are quite good at this.

Erythropoietin is of particular interest to those in fitness competitions and bodybuilding. The reason for this is that this unique hormone works in the kidneys to induce a higher red blood cell production. After some weeks of use, one ends up with a very high red blood cell count. Since red blood cells carry oxygen, the use of this hormone and analogues of it improve endurance massively. You are capable of carrying and delivering more oxygen and other important nutrients to the muscles of your body and this gives an edge that is unmatched in terms of cardiovascular endurance.


As a matter of fact, there is an anabolic steroid called boldenone and it will increase muscle mass and endurance by inducing erythropoietin release. This builds both the blood and the muscles up massively, creating consistent strength and endurance. The steroid is known also as EQ or Equipoise. It is commonly used in horse racing to increase the cardiovascular endurance and strength of horses. Originally, it was developed to help horses heal from wounds and fractures or weakness and sickness, so it does have its place in veterinary medicine for sure. Does that mean it belongs in people? Probably not, but everyone has independent will and will do what they want most of the time.

It may sound like a great idea to boost muscle and blood cells at the same time. Though highly effective, there are some risks. The thicker your blood gets, for example by creating more red blood cells, it becomes more prone to clotting. This can mean thromboses, which are collections of blood in pockets in the arteries and veins. They can explode from sheer pressure alone and that’s it. You are lucky if you make it out of a busted artery. Generally, this does not happen, but it is a definite risk and the reason the use of this hormone is considered illegal.

If other fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders want to give it a try, it is on their own bill of health. Realize that you might be taking a risk and evaluate the value versus the risk. If necessary, speak with a discreet medical specialist to be sure you can be safe. If nothing else, there are professionals out there who will work with you as an athlete and help you through the process. Be cautious and careful and perhaps hormones like this could give you an advantage.